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Top 5 Common Misconceptions Of Tankless Water Heaters


Below, we will address 5 common examples of misconceptions surrounding the use and effectiveness of tankless water heaters. If you're considering going tankless, it's always best to understand how they actually work and what to expect as a tankless water heater owner.

1.) Many people believe tankless water heaters can be costly to operate. In reality, using a tankless water heater is considerably less expensive. This type of water heater can usually save you at minimum, 20% on your energy bill. First, it doesn't store hot water that isn't being used, so you're not paying an energy bill based on presupposed use of hot water. Often called on-demand water heaters, this water heater supplies hot water as needed. Tanked water heaters hold hot water inside of a large 30-40 gallon tank, keeping it warm 24 hours a day, making it an unnecessary expense when hot water isn't being requested for use.

2.) Some people assume that a tankless water heater doesn't supply a continuous flow of hot water. It's believed that cold water will occasionally enter the hot water stream. However, this is not the case, due to cold water passes over a heating element inside of the tankless water heater, before it reaches the outlet, you're guaranteed a steady stream of hot water.This type of water heater heats the water before it reaches the outlet. Just because a tankless water heater doesn't store hot water, doesn't mean it can't meet the demand.

3.) Most people are under the impression that a tankless water heater would not supply enough hot water. A 40 gallon tanked water heater stores exactly 40 gallons of hot water. Once that water is used, water must be reheated. This can take as long as 30 minutes. Thus, availability is limited. As long as you need hot water, a tankless water heater will supply it. Being that tankless water heaters have no storage tank, this means that there's no shortage of hot water. Water is heated as it passes over a heating element to an outlet. As long as you need it you'll receive it. Just turn on the tap. 

4.) Some people doubt the overall efficiency of tankless water heaters. As already stated, tanked water heaters store hot water for future use. A pilot light keeps it hot. For this reason, tanked water heaters leave a much larger carbon footprint than the tankless variety. Tanked water heaters waste energy. Tankless water heaters do not. Clean energy at minimal use makes a tankless water heater a great ecological option, so don't assume this water heater will be costly. It virtually costs pennies to operate in comparison to your tanked water heater. Overall, most people do not want to pay to heat water that's not in use.

5.) It's believed that a tankless water heater heats water to an unsafe temperature. This is a myth because tankless water heaters offer an adjustable thermostat for personalized use. Set the thermostat to meet your needs, and enjoy hot water at just the right temperature. Just like your tanked water heater, there's a thermostat installed to prevent overheating as well as potential scalding. There's no need to worry about your water getting too hot unless you set the thermostat too high. A shower setting on average, should not reach more than 110 ° F roughly. Adjust the thermostat according to your family's needs.

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