How to Maximize Your Portable Tankless Water Heater

Portable tankless water heaters have emerged as a game-changer in how we heat water. They are compact, energy-efficient, and provide an endless supply of hot water on demand anywhere outdoors. Whether you’re out camping or hanging poolside, these portable wonders are a fantastic addition to your amenities. But how do you ensure you're making the most of your portable tankless water heater? Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck!

1. Choose the Right Size 

Size matters when it comes to tankless hot water heaters. It's essential to consider how much hot water you need. If you're out camping and the heater will only be used for occasional showers or dishwashing, a smaller unit will suffice. However, for someone living off the grid or overlanding in a small group, you might need a larger model that can handle showers, dishwashing, and maybe washing down equipment all at once.

2. Correct Temporary Installation 

Proper installation is key to the efficient performance of your portable tankless water heater. Our Portable models run on a standard 20-lb. propane tank with an ignition powered by 2x D-cell batteries or 4x AA batteries (depending on the model). Be sure to thoroughly read the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Regular Maintenance 

To keep your heater running smoothly and efficiently, it needs regular maintenance. This includes descaling to prevent mineral buildup, checking for leaks, and properly storing the water heater when not in use. Regular maintenance will not only prolong the life of your heater but also ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.

4. Optimize Water Flow 

A portable water pump can significantly enhance your camping experience, especially when coupled with a portable water heater. When camping in areas with limited water pressure, a portable water pump can prove to be an invaluable asset. It helps boost the water pressure, ensuring that your portable water heater operates efficiently. By drawing water from a source, such as a stream or storage tank, and pressurizing it, the pump enables a consistent and steady water flow to the heater. This way, you can enjoy warm showers, do the dishes, or even do laundry, making your camping trip not only adventurous but also comfortably homely. So, with a portable water pump, even the most remote camping site can offer you the luxury of pressurized hot water at your fingertips. Our lightweight and portable  Eccoflo 12V Pump and Strainer pair perfectly with all of our Portable models.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances 

To further enhance the efficiency of your portable tankless water heater, pair it with energy-efficient appliances. Low-flow showerheads and outdoor sink faucets can significantly reduce the amount of hot water used without compromising your comfort.

Portable tankless water heaters
are a fantastic investment, offering convenience and efficiency in heating water. By following these tips, you can maximize your heater's performance and ensure a steady supply of hot water whenever you need it. So go ahead and harness the heat of your portable tankless water heater to the fullest!

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