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Eccotemp FAQ

Q: Do I have to take down my portable unit and store it inside after each use? 
A: Yes, you have to bring it inside if it is not being used. Leaving your water heater outside in the elements can cause damage to the water heater and will void your warranty. The portables are NEVER to be permanently installed. 

Q: What is the max temperature my tankless water heater can achieve?
A: The temperature can vary based on the temperature of the incoming water. Each of our tankless water heaters offer at least a 35-40 degree F temperature rise based on the temperature of your incoming water. You will need to adjust the heater to the preferred temperature.

Q: Can my i12-LP be installed horizontally? Space is limited where I’m using it.
A: All our gas type water heaters CANNOT be installed horizontally. They are designed to be installed vertically. It is dangerous to install any of our water heaters horizontally.

Q: Why do I need to clean my tankless water heater? Is it really necessary?
A: Yes. It is important to clean and descale your unit at least every 6 months to maintain its flawless performance. You can use our Eccotemp EZ Flush Descaler Kit. This will get rid of any water scale, lime, or rust deposit buildup in virtually any piece of water based equipment. Your water heater will run the risk of overheating and can deteriorate its effectiveness if you do not keep up with flushing your water heater. 

Q: How long can my L10 run constantly?
A: Ideally, as long as you have gas connected and proper water flow/temperature, this will run until you run out of either gas or water. There is a 20 minutes safety shut-off timer, so once it shuts off, you'll just need to restart it. *Note: Both the L5 and the L10 have these 20 minutes safety shut-off timers.

Q: How do I know if my order has shipped?
A: Whenever your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information informing you of the shipment. If there are ever any issues and you believe your order to be lost/damaged/stolen, please reach out to so they may assist with filing a claim. 

Q: Why is Signature Required with my purchase? It's inconvenient for me. Is there a way for me to remove that?
A: The Signature is required due to the high volume of theft that occurs with a shipment such as our products. Our products are expensive and not easily replaceable due to the cost. We require Signature upon delivery to protect both the customer and the company from theft. And yes, you can remove the signature required. Please reach out to as soon as you place your order to request that signature is removed. Please note: Eccotemp holds no responsibility for any lost or stolen items if the signature is removed. 

Q: Can my portable water heater be permanently mounted outdoors, even if it’s a warmer climate with no freeze worries?
A: Although all our portable models are for outdoor use, be sure to bring the unit indoors.  When not in use, the unit should be drained, taken down and stored in a safe place away from the elements. Leaving the unit outdoors for prolonged periods of time can cause debris buildup, birds, leaves, dust, mice, bugs, etc. to make homes in your unit causing a fire hazard. Leaving your unit outdoors and not following the recommended use will void your warranty.

Q: Can my tankless water heater freeze, even if it's installed indoors in a heated space?
A: It depends on the model. The Portable models, i12, FVI12, & iE Series do NOT come with any anti-freezing technology to help prevent freeze damage. This means that even if your i12 for example is installed indoors, it is not protected from freeze damage. The freeze damage can occur from cold air entering the internal chambers of the water heater via the venting. The 45H/HI, EL22/EL22i, 20H/20HI, and Builder Series all come with a built-in anti-freeze technology in the form of heating blocks. In order to ensure these blocks are doing their job, you must keep your water heater plugged in at all times. These blocks help prevent freeze damage to the heat exchanger, but is NOT a guarantee. Proper installation and maintenance must be followed to ensure that your water heater will last as long as possible. 

Q: What if I have poor water quality? Will it affect how my tankless water heater performs?
A: Our tankless water heaters will perform and last a long time with poor water quality; however, you need to be sure you clean and descale it quarterly or at least twice a year. Check out our EZ Flush Descaler Kit. 

Q: How do I use my portable model without a garden hose hooked to it? We need it at a dry camp with water buckets.
A: If you dry camp, you will still need to leverage the 2.9 GPM Eccoflo Pump that we sell, or some sort of pressurized water source. The pump works great for things like this. 

Q: How long does a 20 gallon propane tank last with the L10?
A: If you take a 15-minute shower every day, it should last you approximately 3 to 4 months depending on water flow and temperature.

Q: How do I check for Gas leaks?
A: After you have your gas connected to your unit, spray some soapy water or Windex sort of mixture on the connection and if you see bubbles, then you have a leak. If no bubbles, you are good to go with no leaks.

Q: I bought my FVI-12 LP last week and realize that I actually need the i12. Can I return it?
A: Yes. We have a 45-day return window. You can ship it back to us and once we receive it, we will process your refund so that you may order what you actually want/need. Please keep in mind that if your product is returned to us not in original packaging, there may be a 15% restock fee. Contact our Tech Support and they will be happy to help you. You must be issued a (RGA) Return Goods Authorization number prior to shipping anything back to us. 

Q: What does the “Pre-order” notification mean when I look at certain items to buy on your page?
A: We mark all items that are out of stock as “Pre-order”, so that the customer is not surprised and is aware up front before purchasing that there may be a little wait time until the unit is back in stock. All pre-order dates are subject to change due to various reasons.

Q: Where’s the pilot light in the Eccotemp tankless water heaters? I can’t seem to find it.
A: Our products do not have pilot lights. There is an electronic ignition or battery powered ignition depending on the model of the water heater. The unit will ignite when there is hot water being requested of it and it will go out when you're done using the hot water.

Q: What does RGA mean? Why is it important to the customer support team?
A: RGA means Return Goods Authorization. This lets both us and the customer know that we are expecting the unit to be delivered to our warehouse. The RGA number that customer support provides you helps us track where the unit came from and what support ticket it is associated with to help with repairs and such. Without the RGA number on the box, we have no idea why the unit was sent back to us and may result in a package being declined upon arrival. All returns must be approved and an RGA number must be present from the customer support team. 

Q: Can portable water heaters be left out in the weather?
A: The unit has to be sheltered when not in use or there are rodents and such that can get in to the unit and damage it. As for the weather, rain and cold air “FREEZING” will damage the unit. It must be taken down in those times. Leaving your water heater outside in the elements can cause damage to the water heater and will void your warranty. The portables are NEVER to be permanently installed. 

Q: Can I convert my Natural Gas tankless water heater to use Liquid Propane instead? 
A: No. Unfortunately, there are certain parts within each unit that are gas specific and not able to be converted to any other gas type. If you believe you've purchased the wrong gas type and are within the return window for the product, please reach out to customer support and they will be happy to assist with getting you that correct gas type. *Please note: The return window is 45 days. Anything after that is a case by case situation and will be charged a 15% restock fee after that window has closed, should your case be approved by Management. 

Q: What are the clearances for the installation of my water heater?
A: The clearances vary depending on the model, but safely should be:
- At least 1-2 ft on top
- 18" minimum at the bottom
- 8-10" left and right
- 6" from the wall
- 2-3 ft from an open window
*If you have additional questions regarding correct installation, please be sure you review the most recent updated version of the manual for your water heater on our support page.

Q: What are the fittings made of on the water heaters?
A: The fittings are made of steel and all have external threads. 

Q: What is the difference between the "Scratch & Dent and Open Box" water heaters you have for sale?
A: Sometimes, we have water heaters returned to us for various reasons: damaged in transit, customer changed their mind, or it simply won't work for a customer's setup, etc. When we receive those water heaters back to our warehouse, we cannot sell them as "NEW" products, because technically they possibly have been used and/or opened. Our technicians will hook them up and test them to ensure they are in great working condition and then we resell them at a discounted price. These are often refurbished and thoroughly tested water heaters and by no means are they brand "NEW". Open Box is qualified as a water heater that was maybe used for a short bit by a customer and they changed their mind and returned. The water heater itself is in good condition, it's just been used. Scratch & Dent is qualified as a water heater that has sustained some minor cosmetic damage and most of the time has been used previously. We thoroughly test ALL of these water heaters prior to selling them and they come with the same warranty as a "NEW" water heater. Loads of customers enjoy taking advantage of the discounted prices. Used water heaters need love too. :)

Q: What is the length of the shower hose that comes with my L5?
A: The shower hose is 6 ft in length. 

Q: How do I know if I have the most recent and updated manual and warranty? 
A: Eccotemp reserves the right to change information in the manual and warranty at any time. To be sure you have the most updated version, please check under the product in question on our support page for all updated manuals. 

Q: What do I do if I believe I received a damaged product?
A: If there are ever any issues and you believe your order to be lost/damaged/stolen, please reach out to so they may assist with filing a claim. 

Q: I received the wrong item. How do I get what I ordered?
A: If there are ever any issues and you believe your order to be incorrect, please reach out to so they may assist.  Please be prepared to send the team photos of what you received to ensure that the correct item is shipped the next time.  

Q: I just received my water heater but it appears to have water in it. Why?
A: All of our water heaters are tested at the manufacturer level to ensure safety and quality. If there is residual water in your new product, that would be why. Often it is impossible to completely drain the water out of the piping of the heater. If you have a refurbished (Open Box or Scratch & Dent) model, there most likely will be a little bit of water left in the heater for the very same reason: our technical team tests all OB and S&D water heaters here in the warehouse prior to shipping to be sure they are all in great working condition. No need to worry. Just know that it means your water heater has been thoroughly tested. 

Q: Can I use PVC pipe for my venting?
A: Using any other material than what is recommended by CSA standards will void your warranty. You must use Stainless Steel Category II venting. 

Find The Right Water Heater

Our agents are here to help find the right water heater for your installation and needs. Tankless water heaters are not a one size fits all!

  • sh22 natural gas tankless water

    Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, SH22 Series

    "Great value. If you compare the features with any other brands, you will not find another value. I’ve been extremely impressed with this unit."

    - Adam V.
  • 45hi natural gas tankless water

    6.8 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 45 Series

    "Saved The Day! We had a very old water heater that was notorious for taking 1 minute to get hot in the shower, the 45HI-NG has the shower hot in 10 seconds! Thank you Eccotemp!"

    - Tyler C.
  • esh-2-5 mini tank water heater

    Smart Home 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "Great price, fast delivery. I installed the unit under the kitchen sink. From opening the box, plumbing and connecting via Wifi were no more than 60 mins. I'll monitor the daily KW usage. Strongly recommend trying this unit."

    - Wade T.
  • shlx tankless water heater

    L5 1.5 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "We love ours. Imagine cool weather with muddy 4 wheelers, muddy dogs, muddy kids, & gear...well that would destroy a normal weekend but not ours. We love taking warm showers and cleaning up with ours! It truly has been a game changer."

    - Mark F.
  • 6gb natural gas tankless water

    Builder Series 6.0 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Cannot be happier with this water heater. My family came home from a long weekend and we all were in desperate need for showers. Family of five showered back to back with no issues. Thanks for making life that much easier!"

    - Ron S.
  • sh22 liquid propane tankless water

    Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, SH22 Series

    "Works great. Love it, does great for a family of 4, love the app and how you can adjust temp from phone. Works great for younger kids."

    - Redd
  • em-7-0 mini tank water

    Under Sink EM-7.0 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "This guy recuperates in 20 minutes or less... Easily installs and works on 120 volts with very low power consumption and you do not have to wire up for high amps or a 240 line. I highly recommend this unit."

    - Louis G.
  • el10 portable tankless water

    Luxé 3.0 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Quickly heats water. I like the thermostat with digital reading of water temperature. Has ample pressure and never ran out of warm water rinsing my horse whose reaction was that he liked the warm water."

    - Betty S.
  • el22i natural gas tankless water

    6.8 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, EL22 Series

    "Great buy! Great purchase! Installation was quick and easy. Highly recommend!"

    - John C.
  • i12 liquid propane tankless water

    4.0 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, i12 Series

    "I installed the unit a month ago with some fantastic tech support. Over all I am very happy with the performance of the heater and would recommend this unit to anyone."

    - Marc D.
  • esh 2 5 mini tank water

    Smart Home 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "Look and size of the hot water heater is perfect if you are adding this to a work shop or bathroom. This water heater uses Wi-Fi so you can connect to Alexa and ok Google. Very nice packaging and very clear, easy to follow directions."

    - Matt
  • el7 portable tankless water

    Luxé 1.85 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Great Portable Water Heater. Delivers functionally and aesthetically. Very easy to set up and came with everything I needed. Well constructed and I like that I can easily see the water temp. Look forward to years of use."

    - ARS