Eccotemp has teamed up with Warranty Life

Warranty Life - Get more when you bring it to life 

Eccotemp is now offering extended warranties on all our models. We offer a one, two, and three year extended warranty through Warranty Life. The extension program simply includes our already efficient warranty guarantee along with some great additions.

Standard Features

  • No hidden fees or repair costs
  • If a product can't be repaired it will be replaced
  • Power surge protection
  • Free replacement of the product should it require 3 repairs in 1 year. (after the manufacture warranty expires)
  • Manufacturer authorized service centers
  • No hassle complete replacement of your item if it breaks after the manufacturer warranty expires. Does not include accidents.
  • Cash Back Guarantee: Get back 50% of what you paid for the service plan if you don't make a claim

L5 - 1 year: $21.99   L10 - 1 year: $27.99   Fvi-12 - 1 year: $27.99   40h - 1 year: $47.99    40hi - 1 year: $47.99

        2 year: $31.99            2 year: $39.99                2 year: $39.99            2 year: $74.99              2 year: $74.99

        3 year: $53.99            3 year: $73.99                3 year: $73.99            3 year: $133.99            3 year: $133.99

Also if you are a customer that has purchased one of our units within the past 45 days, you are still eligible to sign up for an extended warranty. Please call us 1-866-356-1992 and ask for more details or for any other questions regarding our products, parts and warranties.

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