Easy DIY Dog Grooming

We all love our furry friends but keeping them clean can be a struggle! Some dogs love bath time while others hide when they hear running water. Check out a few tips and tricks listed below that will help make bath time a little easier for both you and your dog!

How Often Does Your Dog Need a Bath?

How often does your dog need a bath? This really depends on the type of dog you have, but most pet owners bathe their dogs at least once a month. Breeds that have longer fur or special needs, may need to be bathe more frequently, as well as dogs that may have been outside in the mud. Washing your pup once a month will keep them smelling clean, keep them comfortable by removing any old dander and dirt, and keep your house clean.


  • Bathe your dog outside. Just because your dog can fit in the sink or bathtub, does not make this the easiest option. By moving the bath outdoors, either in a tub or designated dog bathing area, this will remove the worry of any water damage to items in your home. It will also provide more room for you and your dog, making the entire experience more comfortable for both of you.
  • Invest in proper tools. Having a shampoo that compliments your dog’s skin and fur is an obvious necessity for bath time, but what kind of water source are you using? Using water from a hose can be cold and put additional stress on your dog who may not be a fan of bath time. Using a portable tankless water heater for your dog’s bath will make the entire experience more enjoyable for both of you. An Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater can be set up anywhere that a pressurized water source is present. Simply attach a garden hose and a 20-pound propane tank and you are guaranteed to enjoy the luxury of hot water anywhere. Choose the temperature of your water with easy-to-use knobs to control temperature and water pressure. With the included shower head, you will have complete control of your water source.

Girl washing her hand

Tips & Tricks: Here are some other tips that will make bath time easier:

  • Use treats. If your dog is uncomfortable during bath time, try distracting them with treats or their favorite toy. This will also help them associate bath time with a positive experience.
  • Use conditioner. This may seem unnecessary but truly makes a difference for your dog, especially those with longer fur. Just like a human, apply the conditioner after rinsing away all shampoo. After letting the conditioner sit for a few minutes, rinse it away.
  • Completely rinse. It is very important that all soap and conditioner is washed off your dog. If any residue is left, this can result in severe itching and irritation for your dog.
  • No water on the face. Washing your dog’s face can be tricky when you’re trying to avoid getting water and soap in their eyes, nose, and ears. The best way to wash your dogs face is to dip a cloth in soapy water, ring out any excess, and wipe their face with the cloth. When their face is clean, repeat the process with regular water to ensure all soap is wiped off your dog’s face.
  • Use a towel for drying. Letting your dog air dry can take a few hours depending on the length of your dog’s fur. Some breeds even require a hair dyer to ensure their fur doesn’t tangle or matte when wet. Simply using a towel can help speed up the drying process, then give them a quick brush to remove all remaining tangles and loose hair remaining. 

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