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Thinking of a outdoor shower?

Many customers use our L7 as a outdoor shower for recreational purposes. Its lightweight, portable, and easy to hook up. If you've been thinking about doing the same but don't know where to start then check out this review, walk-through, and photos provided to us by a customer in Northern New England!

"We have really been enjoying the Eccotemp L7 this summer at our newly-constructed pondside cottage in rural northern New England. We bought it directly from Eccotemp (easy and fast purchase experience).

The L7 is installed in a 5'x6' cedar enclosure, and connected to an outside spigot. We are pumping pond water that is pre-treated with a 5 micron filter and UV system. (NOTE: before purchasing the L7, we made sure the pond water tested for appropriate mineral content and after installing the L7 we tested for 0/0 bacteria count). We also have an indoor shower, so the L7 shower outside is secondary and seasonal for after-swims.

All features work like a charm. Gas conservation is amazing: the D-cell batteries ignite the flame in less than a second after the water flow starts; the water warms to temp very quickly and stays at temp; and the flame shuts off immediately when water flow is shut off at shower head or spigot. (NOTE: Suggest you always test the water temp with your hand before assuming it will come out just right -- our water line runs under a concrete slab so the initial water at the spigot is very cold; the L7 compensates for that, but then when the in-flowing water suddenly is warm from the pond, the L7 sometimes can't adjust to the change immediately to the rapid temp change and teh water becomes very hot. So we let the water run a while until the L7 settles into its correct temp. Thereafter all is perfect).

We leave the L7 outside hanging in place on the wall, and use a Weber Q-grill cover to keep it protected from the elements (the Q-grill model 200 cover fits perfectly snug all around the mounted L7). When we leave for a few days, we disconnect the gas line from the 20 lb tank, and the water hose from the L7 and carry the unit (with gas line and shower head attached)into the house. Light as can be.

We are thoroughly pleased."

Thinking of a outdoor shower? - Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater

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