Flu Season is Here.

It’s that time of year again. You go in to get your kid up for school and your, normally, bursting-with-energy sprout is still in the bed.

“Time to get up!” you call out from the door and watch as legs curl up towards a stomach under the covers.

“Ugh, I don’t feel good,” a tiny, stuffy, moaning voice responds, and just like that, Flu Season has begun at your house.

If this year’s Flu Season is anything like last year’s, at least 42.9 Million people will be affected in the US alone. The CDC estimates that nearly 1 in 5 Americans will become infected with the flu during the 2019-2020 flu season, and as many as 80,000 Americans died last year because of flu symptoms. The flu is no joke and it’s estimated that it causes 17 million lost days of productivity in workplaces across North America each year. The statistics are proportionally similar in Canada and Europe also, meaning that the flu isn’t just a localized illness to the US, it’s a global problem.

Fortunately, there are some things that the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization recommend to help prevent you from contracting the flu.

  1. Get a Flu Shot: Flu shots are your number 1 line of defense against contracting the flu. The flu virus changes a little bit each year to keep infecting us, so each year the shot is updated to fight it. Typically, a flu shot will protect you from at least 4 different strains of the flu. Flu immunization rates are down across the US and Canada for the past several years while Flu infection rates have increased year over year. For those who are unable to get a flu shot, speak with your doctor or a community health professional about alternatives.
  2. Avoid Close Contact: If you suspect that someone is sick, avoid getting near them, and refrain from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth if you do have to be around them.
  3. Wash Your Hands: According to the CDC, handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Here’s a link to an additional article about how and why you should wash your hands by the CDC:

If you’re paying attention, washing your hands regularly plays a huge part in keeping you healthy, so why not use hot water to do so? Hot water activates most soaps better than cold water to increase the amount of lather that is created which encourages scrubbing and overall disinfecting of your hands. Also, if your hands aren’t going numb from freezing cold water, you’re much more likely to wash them in the first place and do so in a way that takes the proper amount of time to rinse, and even repeat if you want. Here at Eccotemp, we make tankless water heaters that will supply you with endless hot water, right when you need it, at a fraction of the cost of traditional water heaters. We even have some water heaters that are completely portable, meaning you can take hot water with you wherever you go.

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