EP-2.4 Point-Of-Use Tankless Water Heater In Detail

The Eccotemp EP-2.4 point-of-use tankless water heater is specifically designed to shorten the distance and reduce the wait time for hot water at a single faucet. The patented mixing chamber provides a ready supply of heated water, virtually immediately and the mixing exchanger eliminates the potential for scalding. 

The EP-2.4 point-of-use tankless water heater is designed for low-flow fixtures and high efficiency appliances, quickly sensing flow and providing hot water within seconds. This unit is rated at 0.75 gallons per minute-so it is very important to know the flow-rate of the faucet that the EP-2.4 will be servicing, in order to determine if this model will fit your needs. For example, if your gallon per minute is at 0.50-you will get a 33 degree temperature rise from the incoming water temperature going to this faucet, at 0.75 gallon per minute you would get a 22 degree temperature rise, and at 1.00 gallon per minute you would only get a 16 degree temperature rise at the faucet being used with this unit. 

Point of use models can also be connected to the hot water line at the point of use, to provide hot water sooner than is possible from the main hot water supply-located in a central location that is a further away from the fixture. The point-of-use models will modulate and add only the amount of energy necessary to maintain the hot water set point and return to standby mode once hot water arrives from the primary hot water source. This offers energy and water savings over other alternatives such as recirculation. 

Eccotemp EP-2.4

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