Electric Tankless Water Heaters Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements For Our ET-32, EP-7.0, and EP-2.4: 

Before installing your electric tankless water heater, it is very important to be sure that you have the correct amount of amps, breakers, and wire size not only for these units to function properly, but more importantly, for your safety. Before mounting any of these units, be sure to allow at least 18 inches of working space above and below your unit. We also strongly recommend to have these units professionally installed by an electrician.

Our ET-32 is the largest electric tankless water heater that we offer at this time. This model in particular is for a whole-house application with your standard 4 bedroom/2 bath or larger residences, or in radiant heating applications. This unit is rated at 3.9 GPM, and is a 4-chamber model. For installation, our ET-32 requires 4 separate 40 amp breakers, a 220 volt electric outlet and wire gauge size # 6. 

ET-32 Manual

Our EP-7.0 is rated at 1.0 GPM and is mainly for a small, low-flow, point-of-use application, such as a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet.The EP-7.0 can also be used as a solar water heater or storage tank booster as well. This unit is a 2-chamber model that requires at least one 30 amp breaker, requires a 220 volt electric outlet, and also requires wire gauge size #10. 

EP-7.0 Manual

Our EP-2.4 is rated at 0.50 GPM, and is the smallest electric heater that we offer. This model is also for a point-of-of use, low-flow sink faucet, and can also be used for a solar water heater booster or a storage tank booster. This unit is a 2-chamber model, requires at least one 20 amp breaker, requires at standard 120 volt electric outlet, and requires a wire gauge size #12.

EP-2.4 Manual

As always, please consult a licensed installer or electrician to ensure that you have adequate voltage for your installation on any of our electric tankless water heaters models.

ET-32 Manual      EP-7.0 Manual       EP-2.4 Manual

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