Don't let pressure problems stand in your way!

Our units are pressure activated units which can sometimes make them a little more difficult to use when your water source is being drawn from a pump. They main issue you will experience is when you are trying to use a pump that does not deliver a consistent amount of water pressure and flow to the unit. To help eliminate this problem we recommend insuring your pump has a Built-in pulsation eliminator.

Most Rotary and Bilge do not include these causing fluctuations in water pressure which can cause the unit to not function properly, the common signs are the unit will ignite but then shut off after awhile. This is why we recommend our customers use a diaphragm water pump with a Built-in pulsation eliminator to ensure your unit is receiving a consistent amount of water pressure and flow. 

We have tested and certified the FLOJET 2.9 GPM 50PSI which can be purchased here at our website


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