Boost Your Conventional Tank With Our Point of use Water Heater

Our Original Electric Mini Water Heater models (EM-2.5, EM-4.0, and EM-7.0) can be ran in line with a conventional tank heater in order to give you hot water at a point of use application, as the tankless or mini electric water heater would act as a booster within this type of set-up. 

Due to their small size, these specific type of  water heaters are well suited to point-of-use applications around the house and are ideal for providing hot water to areas of the home that are physically far away from the existing water heater

Point of use water heaters are small heaters, designed as the mini storage tank or tankless units, used for water heating at the point of service, often installed under a sink. These heating units are very popular in residential applications as they provide delivery, without taking up a lot of space.

storage tank water heaters eccotemp

Storage tank water heaters can be a distributed system, utilizing point-of-use water heaters that combine a central water heater  with point-of-use electric heaters. A simple distribution system delivers hot water to bathroom and kitchen sinks which are clustered near the primary water heater.

 An on-demand or mini-tank electric water heater are placed strategically below the hand sinks in remote locations. The point-of-use heaters that are sized appropriately for flow rate and temperature rise can be plumbed to the cold water line, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated hot water line.

 Using distributed electric heaters for hand washing sinks is a cost-effective option. This approach minimizes water and energy use while enhancing the customer experience by reducing the wait for hot water. 

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