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Winterize Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

by Eccotemp

With Winter quickly approaching, it's important to prepare your home to withstand the coming months. Winterizing your home is the best way to protect it from the damage that wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures can cause. Don't wait until it's too late; follow these ten simple steps to winterize your home and you'll reap the benefits all season long. 

1) Furnace Inspection

2) Get the Fireplace Ready

3) Check the Exterior, Doors and Windows

4) Inspect Roof, Gutters & Downspouts

5) Service Weather-Specific Equipment

6) Check Foundations

7) Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

8) Prevent Plumbing Freezes

9) Prepare Landscaping & Outdoor Surfaces

10) Prepare an Emergency Kit

This article was contributed by The Balance and edited by Eccotemp