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Why Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

Why should you purchase a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heating is the most efficient way for creating the hot water we use every day. Tankless, as with any new technology, has some points in its operation that are different than the old systems. The more informed the consumer the greater the savings, and satisfaction in owning a high efficiency water heating system.

There is no need to set the temperature at a high level to prevent running out of hot water. With storage many people would set their heaters at 125

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degrees or more so that a small amount of hot water was mixed with a high ratio of cold. This prevented their running out after multiple showers. Tankless never runs out. It produces only what is demanded. The setting of the thermostat to slightly higher than a hot shower (105-110F) will enhance the performance of the unit and save energy. Turn the “Hot” knob to maximum and add only the amount of “Cold” necessary for comfort.

All tankless heaters have a minimum gas flow. In the case of Eccotemp and most other brands, this is between 15-19,000 BTU’s. Much has been said about maximum flow rates when most issues arise from too little water going through the heater. If the amount of water running through the heater is less than the amount needed to cool 15,000 BTU’s to the thermostat setting, the unit will overheat, and either shut off or cycle on and off sending pulses of hot and cold water down the line. Many things can influence the flow through the heater. Old corroded pipes, long runs or small diameter plumbing, flow restrictors, improperly set anti-scald devices are some of the usual suspects. Seldom is the overheating causedby a defect in the heater.

All Eccotemp heaters have a filter screen on the water input. This screen is to stop large particles before they can interfere with the internal sensors needed to control the temperature. Filters should be checked periodically, at least once a year. A symptom of a clogged filter is fluctuating water temperatures. As the debris floats around inside the filter it allows varying amounts of water into the heater. The computer tries to adjust to those changes dispensing more or less gas as the flow changes . If your heater behaves in an unusual manner, check the screen first.

Tankless heaters use energy in a very efficient manner. Instead of heating water all day, they heat only when demand is present. They do however use larger amounts of energy for those short periods. The length of run of gas pipe must be considered when installing a tankless product. Long runs of 30 feet + may require additional pressures or piping. Consult with your installation professional to insure the proper gas delivery. Do not assume that the same gas line that fed a storage heater will automatically be sufficient to support tankless. The higher the rating of the tankless (199,000btu) the more critical this sizing will be.

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