Portable Tankless Water Heater Common Problems That You Can Fix

Problem: Unit produces warm/tepid water, from garden hose. I added a flow control valve to shower head, but only improves marginally.

Set the gas and water knobs to minimum. At this setting, use the gas temperature knob to find your desired temperature. The water dial knob is to control the water flow. Have it to minimum means less flow and exact opposite when you have to maximum setting. You may adjust according to your preference.

Things to check:

Your Eccotemp L5 needs a minimum of 20-25 PSI to stay on. If you have too little water running through the  L5 it will reach very high temperatures and shut off at 130 degrees Fahrenheit as a safety feature.

The  L5 requires a minimum of 20 pounds per square inch of water pressure. If a pump is set too low or fluctuates in pressure the temperature will be too hot, too cold or fluctuate during operation. This water heater does not self-adjust to compensate for changes in water flow.

If you are not using the included shower head as an attachment, disconnect any plumbing from the outgoing water connection and attempt operation to determine if that is the source of your issue.

Start your water heater with your gas at minimum and your water knob at halfway and see if this helps.

Problem: Eccotemp L5/ L10 has developed a problem with gas burner going out frequently. Always able to start, sometimes it will stay lit.

If your Eccotemp L5/ L10 comes on for a small amount of time and then shuts off, please review the following troubleshooting guide.

  • Check your propane tank to determine if you are out of gas.
  • Check your batteries to see if they are properly installed. If your batteries are not new, try another set. When checking the batteries, if you encounter corrosion, gently clean the connections with a wire brush and install a fresh set. Be careful when doing this as battery acid is extremely harmful and poisonous.
  • Disconnect the incoming water line. There is a screen immediately inside of the incoming water pipe that may have clogged over time and is reducing the water flow and water pressure.

After following these steps, test to see if the water heater is working.

If you are running your  L5 / L10 with something other than the shower head connected to the outgoing water line, such as plumbing, disconnect this and try to operate the water heater to determine if your plumbing is the issue.

Problem: EL5 wont power on

Your  EL5 will NOT power on if your batteries are in incorrectly. Please see the image below for the proper way to insert the 4 x AA batteries. The 2 x batteries on left should be in the negative position and the 2 batteries on the right should be in the positive position.

Proper Way To Insert The 4 x AA Batteries Eccotemp USA

*Please note: Your water heater will not ignite if you have it tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction. The water heater is equipped with safety mechanisms that help protect from any fire damage. Therefore; it will NOT ignite if it's not upright and installed correctly.

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