Overview On Our FVI12 Tankless Water Heater

Our FVI12 tankless water heater is one of our most popular units to date. The Eccotemp FVI-12 is an indoor tankless water heater designed for small to medium hot water production where you need more than one hot water application at the same time. This model is perfect for vacation cabins, cottages, condominiums and smaller homes.

The Eccotemp FVI-12 is an indoor-only tankless water heater that comes with a horizontal stainless steel vent kit, which includes 2 wall thimbles, and a 90 degree elbow vent, and is ready to install upon arrival. It only draws approximately 2 watts idol and 10 watts during operation, making it ideal when energy conservation is the main concern. 

The FVI12 is available in your choice of natural gas or liquid propane, and is rated at 3.6 gallons per minute, and 74,000 BTUs. For ignition, this tankless water heater model would plug in to a standard household 120 volt electrical outlet.

Some of the key characteristics about our FVI12 model are as follows: 

‣ Power ventilation for safety and efficiency.

‣ Manual Temperature and water flow adjustment.

‣ UL listed electrical components.

‣ Uses gas only when hot water is on.

‣ Independent gas and water control knobs.

‣Tested-Safe electronic ignition system.

Please keep in mind, that if you need to vent this model vertically, instead of horizontally, you will need additional ventilation, such as vent extension pipes, a 2.5 to 3 inch vent adapter, and a back-flow preventer, along with a rain-cap. 

FVI12 Tankless Water Heater

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