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This is the entire Eccotemp gas-water valve for the L10, completely assembled. Please make sure to order the flare fitting that screws onto the gas line if yours cannot be removed from your existing water heater. Always be sure to use pipe tape on the non-flared connections and check for gas leaks before use. If you feel you may need to replace your current gas-water valve assembly, please call Technical Support at 866-356-1992 for advice.


Customer assumes all liability when purchasing replacement parts.

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Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
GTIN: 1012029
SKU: 1012029

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5 Stars
Water Valve Assembly

Problem solved

5 Stars
L10 Gas-Water Assembly

Easy to install. Fixed my problem.

5 Stars
Glad parts are available.

Fast shipping of part. It was great to see that individual parts are available for these units. The gas inlet was damaged on my L10 and although I did not need the whole assembly I was happy to be able to change it out.

5 Stars

Easy to install

5 Stars
It Works

This product works as it should. This whole episode has been an enormous education for me, and I like that. This unit is actually very simple, once you study it, and I would think maintenance would be a minimum over the course of the units lifetime, what ever that may be. Using video for diagnosis is an excellent tool.

5 Stars
great service @ parts

works great and shipping was on time. Thank you for a product. dan

5 Stars
great part arrived fast

Part arrived early than expected was easy to put together

5 Stars
L10 unit is usd to wash clothes, dishes and tak showers

I was fighting a high electric bill on an older rented trailer, I use the L10 unit on a 40# propane tank to heat water for washing clothes and dishes. I mounted the L10 on a two wheel had truck, hook up 10 feet of hose to the 40# tank and a garden hose. Unit puts out enough heat that I did not need to adjust the cold water setting. Thanks

5 Stars
Gas & water valve assembly

Great service and a quality part for the price. Thanks for making a great product.

5 Stars
Greatest outdoor shower!

The L10 is a robustly designed heater. We use it for our outdoor shower with some quick release fittings (on the water side) so the user can simply turn on the water (right at the heater) and enjoy a warm shower. The unit is fairly lightweight and easy to mount for seasonal use. Over winter storage is simple.