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FVI12-LP Gas/Water Valve Assembly

This is the entire Eccotemp Gas/Water Valve Kit for the FVI12-LP. Water inlet pipe is included. Please make sure to order the flare fitting that screws onto the gas line if yours cannot be removed from your existing water heater. Always be sure to use pipe tape on the non-flared connections and check for gas leaks before use. If you feel you may need to replace your current gas/water valve assembly, please call Technical Support at 866-356-1992 for advice.


Customer assumes all liability when purchasing replacement parts.

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Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
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4 Stars
When the water flow sensor quits working - get this

Quality made, easy to install, just unscrew the brass water inlet and the brass water drain and it goes in pretty easy. Unit works like new now.

5 Stars
replacement gas/water valve

Prompt delivery, fixed the problem

4 Stars
Great service department!

Easier to install than I thought, although that back screw was tricky. Would be 5 star if the brackets were easier to align. The FIVE STAR ratings go to Kristin and Heather for being pleasant and patient on the phone ordering. Thank YOU!

5 Stars
fast and easy replacement

I got the replacement valve very quickly, took the water heater down, swapped the valve out and reinstalled the water heater in about 90 minutes. The valve I received lined up perfectly with the old ones mounting holes so I had no issues like a previous reviewer. I did take out the drain plug which made it a much easier install. I would also recommend using a magnetic screwdriver as the back screws can be a little tricky to start.

4 Stars
the lp gas valve

The service was great , the valve is a good value this would be great if the cast aluminium was made of the same material as the rest of the valve.Other wise it is a great water heater.

5 Stars
Right replacement, wrong screw holes

I recieved the replacement unit promptly within a couple of days. I was impressed. The tech I originally spoke with and who diagnosed the problem leading to sending the replacement part said it would only take about 15 minutes to replace, which I looked forward to. The day after I received it, I proceeded to replace it. Once I figured out how to remove the bad unit, I started installing the replacement. Had a very hard time figuring out why it wouldn't slip in easily, but after about 45 minutes, I realized it had to be joggled into place with the help of a screw driver and a lot of patience. Once I had it back into the enclosure I realized the screw holes didn't line up...I had the option of either replacing the four screws in the upper housing that fits into the heater unit OR the four screws that were holding the main body in the mounted position. I chose the 4 screws in the upper housing because that was the obvious place the unit would get it's info from on when to light up and shut down. I still can't figure out why all 8 screw holes didn't line up, but they didn't. There are now four mounting screws missing, but the unit seems to be working, so I'm just hoping it continues to do so. Overall, this has been a GREAT water heater and I would recommend it even to an enemy :).