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Product Information

This is a replacement shower head and comes with a 6' hose.


Customer assumes all liability when purchasing replacement parts.

Current Stock:
Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
SKU: 0502024

Customer Reviews 5 (9 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
White Shower Head and Hose

great, thanks

5 Stars
Outdoor shower head and shower

We had a defective shower hose first time around, but once we contacted the company it was replaced asap. We bought this product to wash our 2 large Akita dogs outside. We finally used it today and it worked really well. They got warm baths and we saved money on groomer fees. This product should be advertised in pet catalogs also. Worked really well. I see that other reviewers have also had problems with the hose. Maybe upgrade the hose for future buyers.

4 Stars
Outside Shower

So far new shower head is working good

5 Stars
Best $150 I've spent

Everything in the ad is true. We hung the shower on a 4x4 and turned it on. It worked perfectly. We had a defective hose and called customer service. We had a new hose within 2 days. Great service. Highly recommend this product.

4 Stars
Propane Can Bring Down Electric Bills

When the L5 is set up and you have the proper water pressure. A 20lb propane tank, ala for the grill size, can allow 3 adults to take at least a shower each per day for ONE month. This costs $20 in our area for the 20lb tank.

5 Stars
Only shower on the market that performs!!!

We are full time R/V ers and do a lot of dry camping, this is the best solution, because nothing goes into the holding tanks. Easy setup, easy use, works flawlessly. Only problem was shower head hose fittings kept coming apart. Emailing C/S did not provide solution but one call did.

4 Stars
L5 Portable Water Heater

We used the water heater at our remote cabin in alaska - the water comes out of the ground at about 38 degrees and the water heater did OK. We couldn't get 150 degree water but it was comfortably warm on maximum propane and minimum water flow. The real down side was the sprayer hose ruptured after the 3rd shower. Someone at Eco-Temp needs to kick some ____ with the vendor who supplies that part!

5 Stars
Hose and Shower Head

Heater works great but hose and shower head needs upgrading.Service dept. was very good at replacing shower head and hose 5 thumbs up

4 Stars
ecotemp water heater

I would give 4 stars except the shower hose split the second time I used it. I give 5 stars to the service department that replaced it immediately. I would have paid an extra 10 dollars first time around for the stainless steel hose. I will buy one someday, especially if this one splits. The water heater is just what I need for my greenhouse to wash pots and gardening tools.