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The Eccotemp L7 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the latest model in our product line! With a stylish new look and a higher capacity than the L5, the L7 is in a league of its own. The Eccotemp L7 also features an upgraded chrome shower head with a stainless steel hose! The Eccotemp L7 Portable Tankless Water Heater is perfect for campsites, cabins or simply around the house. Wash your car, wash your boat, take a hot shower, or even wash your animals. You can add the Eccotemp L7 Portable Water Heater to a pressure washer for an even better cleaning. This model includes an electronic ignition powered by 2 "D" cell batteries making it great for off grid or other areas where electricity is not readily available.

The ideal operating range for the Eccotemp L7 Portable Tankless Water Heater is 20~80 PSI. The L7 will offer a 30 to 35 degree rise at 1.59 gallons per minute. The system also works great on modified water systems with items such as a 12-volt pump. The Eccotemp L7 can reach temperatures between 50 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the temperature of the incoming water. However, an upgraded temperature sensor is available for purchase allowing the Eccotemp L7 to reach temperatures of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eccotemp L7 Product Manual

Product Features:

  • Compact & easy to store
  • Great for camping & family outings
  • Light Weight
  • Field tested to 5500 ft. elevation (not recommended to be used any higher)
  • Battery powered ignition
  • Manual water temperature control
  • 41,000 BTU
  • 1.59 GPM flow capacity

 Eccotemp L7 Dimensions:

  • Height 20"
  • Width 12.5"
  • Depth 7"
  • Weight approx. 13 lbs.
  • Shipping weight 14.7 lbs.

Clearance Requirements (at least):

  • 2" clearance from wall
  • 1' on both sides from anything flammable
  • 3' from any window, overhand, awning
  • 18" from the ground

What’s Included:

  • On/Off chrome shower head
  • Stainless steel shower hose
  • Garden hose adapter
  • CSA regulator for use with standard 20 lb. grill propane tank
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty See Warranty Details Here

Freeze and Gas Warning



IMPORTANT: This is a portable, recreational water heater and should not be permanently installed or plumbed into any fixtures: sinks, showers, etc. When not in use, this water heater should be drained and stored away. This product should also not be used with a bilge pump.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to clean and descale your water heater quarterly can result in lime and sediment build up within the heater, which can void your warranty! We recommend using our Eccotemp EZ-Flush System Descaler Kit to ensure a clean, energy efficient, long lasting heater.  Click here for details.



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Gas Type Liquid Propane Applications Cabins Applications Recreational Installation Outdoor Installation Portable Flow Rate 1.6 GPM
Width: 12.50
Height: 20.00
Depth: 7.00
GTIN: 00891876002003
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5 Stars
Perfect for our needs

We live off-grid, using solar and propane as our only energy sources. This water heater works so very well in our household!

5 Stars

Purchased the bundle with screen and flo-jet pump for an off-grid mountain cabin. Hooked up and it went right to work. It's currently just a temporary installation but will someday figure out how to put it in a little more permanently. Great product. I can't believe we went so many years with solar bag warm water, many times barely warm! Highly recommend.

5 Stars
great for off grid

Installed water heater off the grid with a rain water catch system and a flo-jet pump that runs from a marine battery. Installed indoor bathroom in cabin with the L7 water heater outside. A normal water faucet for a bathroom sink doesn't create enough water pressure from the flo-jet pump to ignite the L7 water heater but it works perfect in the shower. Note that any bit of wind will cause the flame to go out so make sure you have a wind break you are located in a windy area.

4 Stars
Seems to work well.

I purchased this unit for my cottage. I just did a trial run at my city house with great results. The inlet water temp was 45F and the outlet temp was 90F at full flow. Once I reduced the flow a little the temp came up to around 100F. Plenty for a good shower. Water pressure is approx. 40PSI. So far very pleased.

5 Stars
Excellent, fast hot water

I have been able to shower at my camp with this tankless water heater - using very little water but still very warm (I was using this tankless water heater during cold rainy weather). I certainly recommend this product.

5 Stars
A great tankless water heater well worth the price and is good quality

I tried this out when it first arrived and it worked great I bought it for camping but I will use it around my house also there might be one drawback when I use it at campsite it is tested up to 7000 ft and where I live the mountains where I camp is 8500 to 10000 ft and higher I will see how it works at that altitude

5 Stars
Excellant Product

Bought this for the summer cabin. Works great. there are many uses for this water heater. Poolside, Lakeside, Dishes....