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This is the Eccotemp ignition pack for the L10 model. The Eccotemp L10 ignition pack is what sparks and allows the heat exchanger to complete the ignition sequence. If the swing arm on the microswitch is opening but you are hearing no clicks, this is an idication that something is wrong with the ignition pack. Very easy to install/replace and comes complete with all wiring harnesses.


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5 Stars
Ignition Pack

Couldn't get any spark to ignite the unit. Customer Service recommended replacing the ignition pack and the battery box. The ignition pack fixed the problem, but the redesigned battery box was a welcome upgrade.

5 Stars
Service Excellence!

For any question or any problem I have ever encountered with our L10, the response of EccoTemp has always been superior. I can give them only the highest rating. The response is always quick, precise and intelligent. We are very happy with your company.

5 Stars
its a great item.

Very easy to ensemble had no problem with item thank you

5 Stars
Great service!

Arrived very promptly as ordered. I haven't had a chance to install it yet, but was impressed with the quick arrival of my part.

5 Stars
Worked as Promised

An excellent tech talked us through the trouble shooting process, got the part ordered and made sure it worked after it was installed. Top notch.

5 Stars
Did the trick

After numerous trouble shooting tasks, the ignition pack brought my L10 back to life. The staff was very helpful in providing tips. The part ordered arrived quickly and un damaged. Great job.

4 Stars
Excelent product, excelent support

I bought the L10 back in the middle of 09. It worked fine then would shut off during a shower. Thru discussions w/tech support Iwe detirmined that the water pressure wasn't always sufficient. Easy fix. No further problems just one area of dissatisfaction. I didn't like the 17-20 minute time limit. About 3 weeks ago I had no hot water, changed tanks no luck, changed batteries,still no hot water. A couple of days later I determined that the igniter wasn't working and verified my deduction w/tech. I ordered the L10 ignition pack and installed it at lunch, reinstalled the unit at home that evening and had hot water again. The best thing about is the time limit has been removed, no interuptions during the shower. I can't think of any reasons for a failure in 1 - 2 years outside of low water pressure. Components can fail at any time but this is a well designed unit. My next one will probably be a 40HI. It would be real nice if the 40HI was battery powered like the L10.

5 Stars
Good product...but

I have a one year old L-10 which quit igniting about a week ago. I changed batteries...mashed box to make sure of contact... jumped wire past thermostat..... still no contact. Installed new ignition pack, jumped thermostat again, but still no spark to ignite gas. Changed tanks and hose...still no contact. The good news is that I ordered a new L-10 at the same time...hooked it up in place of the non-igniting one, and loving it. I hope to fix the old one some day as a spare.

5 Stars
excellent product support

Adam did a great job of working thru problem until a solution was developed, quick action and fast delivery...unit is now working fine.

4 Stars
2 camping years befor it failed

got two summers of use with no problem then it failed. the part was well priced and timely delivery. easily replaced and back up and running. cost with delivery about $15.00 and 20 minutes to replace.