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This is a replacement Eccotemp over temperature sensor for an Eccotemp FVI12-LP. The Eccotemp over temperature sensor will shut down the water heater when it reaches unsafe temperatures. It is rated for approximately 131 degerees farenheit. If you feel you may need to replace your current Eccotemp over temperature sensor, please call Technical Support at 866-356-1992 for advice.


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Width: 5.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 3.00
MPN: 1222008
SKU: 1222008

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5 Stars
Excellent Customer Service

I installed the FVI 12 tankless water heater 2 years and it just stopped working. The installation was very easy and I don't think you need a plumber to do this. I called tech support with the problem and they determined it was a problem of faulty high temp sensor. Shawn from tech support immediately shipped me a free sensor. I installed the sensor but the problem did not go away. I called again and they once more believed it was due to a faulty ignition pack. I got another free shipment of the ignition pack and installed it. This time it worked and the unit is up and running. I am really impressed with the customer support I received. This is a good unit with fanstastic customer support, and above all the price is very low compared to similar brands. I will encourage you to try Eccotemp the next time you are looking for a tankless water heater. I will normally not endorse a product except when I receive excellent service.