Looking For More Efficient Ways To Utilize Your L10? The Sky Is The Limit!

Our high-capacity L10 unit, offering 2.64 gallons per minute is perfect for any campsite, RVs, and cabins. There are many ways to use this tank-less water heater, to be sure you are getting the most out of our product, please see below for some examples.

Whether you are rinsing off from a day at the beach or swimming pool, or just trying to stay cool from the summer heat, our L10 is the way to go!

The L10 is ideal for tasks such as cleaning your animals-especially larger breeds, or washing your vehicle.

This unit is also excellent for washing the exterior of your home, and also with the right accessories, you can clean those hard to reach windows within no time!

You can take our L10 unit on the road with you, for a little family vacation. Equip your RV with hot water all of the time, but always remember to disconnect your gas line on the road, or when in transit.

There's so many possibilities with the L10; recreation, residential, or just plain fun!