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This is a computer board for the 40HI (indoor mount) model. This particular model is for the liquid propane series. Customer assumes all liability when purchasing replacement parts.

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Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
MPN: 4121012
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5 Stars
First You See It, Then You Don't

One of our two-year old 40HI heaters was tripping the Ground Fault Indicator breaker once every two weeks at first, but we could reset it; then gradually it conked out more frequently until, at the end, we could not revive it. After the company troubleshooter could not come up with a fix, we purchased a new computer board. Meanwhile, while waiting for the part to arrive, we tried one more time, out of frigid desperation, to switch on the unit, and, to our relived but tense surprise, the temperature red light lit up and has been on ever since except once, and our hot water supply has been just about uninterrupted. So, we never opened the box with the new computer board, and cannot give a review on it. However, there is a sense of security knowing that inside the little card-board cube which is gathering dust in the corner of the attic, that if one of the original units finally do breathe their last spark of BTUs, there will be a resuscitating transplant to pick up the pace.

5 Stars
great heater

this is the second one i purchased . last year i put one in my summer cottage to try it out and was very pleased !!! so i bought the bigger 40hi and installed it in my house (very easy to install urself if ur a handy person ) very pleased with the performance of both . plus very good customer service !!!! u actually get a english speaking tech to answer any questions u may have !!!