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40H Liquid Propane Computer Board


This is a computer board for the 40H-LP (outdoor mount, liquid propane). All wire connections fit into this board. It is the main programming source of your water heater.


Customer assumes all liability when purchasing replacement parts.

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Width: 10.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 10.00
MPN: 4021012
SKU: 4021012

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5 Stars
easy to install

replace board super fast and easy too

5 Stars
quick and easy

needed a replacement bd found it on the website put in order unit was here on the date it was supposed to be swapped out in 10 minutes and back in business of making hot water.

4 Stars
new to our home

This is the first on demand water heater we have owned. We were buying 700-900 gal. of Propane a year. After installing the 40H it cut our bill in half. We had a computer board problem and notified the company as our unit is still under warrenty. The company shipped out a new board. I installed it upon receipt and we are back in hot water. I would recomend one of these units to anyone who wants to cut there propane bill.

5 Stars
computer board

Switched the board out in ten minutes and everything is perfect.