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Introducing Our New 45 Model Tankless Water Heaters!





Our new 45H and 45 HI Tankless Water Heaters are the largest gas-operated, whole-house models to date, making them ideal for your standard 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. The 45 models are rated at 6.8 gallons per minute, are available in both indoor (HI) and outdoor (H). The 45H and 45 HI models have an electronic ignition system supplied by a standard 110 outlet. Also, our 45 models are CSA approved for use in Canada and the United States.

The 45H and 45 HI Tankless Water Heaters come equipped with 3/4" gas inlet, water inlet and water outlet. The 45 models also have a recovery rate of 82%, and are rated at 140,000 BTUs, making this model energy-efficient as it saves you 20-40% off of your utility costs. 

The 45H model is an outdoor-only model, which requires absolutely no ventilation. The 45H is available in the option of liquid propane or natural gas, includes a digital remote with simplistic controls and diagnostics.

The 45HI model is our indoor-equivalent to the 45H outdoor model, and does requires additional 4-inch ventilation that is sold separately. The 45HI model is also available in the option of liquid propane or natural gas, includes a built-in digital display for temperature reading and diagnostics.

Flow Rate:

  • 35 degree rise: 6.8 GPM
  • 50 degree rise: 5.0 GMP
  • 70 degree rise: 3.4 GMP

Additional Features

  • CSA certified for US and Canadian use
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5 year warranty on parts

For more information on our 45HI and 45H models, in both natural gas and liquid propane, please follow the links below:






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